Before the complete overhaul, this charitable organization had such a poor web presence that searching for them literally did not bring up their website in the the first page of results!

After a complete web overhaul and search engine optimization, their website ranks first and the business listing is prominently displayed. Map searches now allow people to easily find the physical location. The website itself has become a community focal point allowing membership purchase, listing classes and community news. Paypal, Google Calendar, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter and more were also integrated with the website.

In addition, this organization’s back-office was improved by fixing up the administration computer (backups, antivirus, email, file sharing, guest wi-fi and printers), enabling online services for payments, automatic email mailing lists based on membership lists, self-serve┬áprogram sign ups, credit card processing with Square, and more.

All-in-all this organization was able to do more for much less monthly costs and much less labour from the volunteers.

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